Hi, I am Agbo Boniface Ebuka,

I am a Computer Science graduate with 4+ years of hands-on experience of efficiently developing web applications using modern web technologies.
I currently reside in Lagos, Nigeria.
If you are looking for a Web Developer or Wordpress Expert to hire, you are already at the right place.

About Me

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My name is Agbo Boniface Ebuka, a computer Science graduate from Enugu state, Nigeria. I am currently residing in Lagos state, Nigeria.

I am proficient in using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Wordpress CMS, Laravel,  PHP and MYSQL.

I have good and practical knowledge of API development and Authentication using  PHP and Laravel and also third-party API integration.


I have developed and maintained many web based projects with millions of users and have attracted increase in revenue to the companies. I have developed systems that are used in different industries like Finance and investment, Entertainment, Ecommerce and Real estate.

I am passionate about building effective, efficient and user friendly systems with clean codes and good documentation.I am a well-organized p...Learn more about me.


My Skills

Take a look at some of my skills

HTML, CSS & Bootstrap

I use HTML for defining the contents of my web projects while I use CSS and Bootstrap for styling the user interface of the project.

Javascript, JQuery & AJAX

I use Javascript and JQuery library for making my web projects to be interractive and use AJAX for making Asynchronous calls to a back-end services for data that are to be consumed by the project or a part of it.


This is where I have the most strength. I use Php for building dynamic web applications. About 90% of my projects are built with Php technology.

MySQL & PostgreSQL

I use MySQL relational database most often for storing the data or records my web projects use. I can also use PostgreSQL for the same purpose.


I can comptently use Laravel to build a full blown web application and REST APIs. Surprisingly, the site you are reading this information on, is running on Laravel framework.

WordPress CMS

I am not only good in using Php technologies, I can also work competently with Wordpress CMS which is the most popular PHP based CMS.

My Stat

My project statistics.

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My Projects

I have worked on about 20 web applications ranging from basic website to complex blog system, online community, Ecommerce system, Estate management system, School management systems, Music and Movie streaming and downloads platforms, Loan and Investsment systems and lot more. Below are my favorites amongst them

Contact Me

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